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About Empro

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Empro Europe is a young innovative company, founded early 2015 in Dendermonde, Belgium, as part of the Damaco Group.

We’re specialised in the production of poultry based high quality proteins and fats for aquafeed, petfood and livestock feeds. In our fully dedicated poultry facility we employ state-of-the-art technology and in house developed patented production processes to meet the expectations of our clients: highly functional, tailor made and reliable sustainable protein sources.

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To support the sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry, there is a huge need for alternative protein sources due to the unpredictable and limited supply of fishmeal, today a key protein source in aquadiets. Since our start our highly digestible hydrolysed feathermeal has been a gamechanger in the aquafeed market.


Our products are designed for its specific smell and taste, very much appreciated by dogs and other pets. We also offer special tailer made products, as well as 100% foodgrade chicken meals and fats.


Our animal based protein concentrates add the highest value to your final feed: excellent nutritional properties that are designed as a cost effective, easy to use and sustainable protein source in livestock feeds.