Desiccated Poultry

Typical nutrient composition
  • Protein: 85%
  • Fat: 7%
  • Ash: 2%
  • Moisture: 6%

Digestibility: > 85%

  • MUFA: 38.26%
  • PUFA: 19.82%
  • n-3 PUFA: 1.52%
  • n-6 PUFA: 18.29%
  • SFA: 38.81%

Product characteristics

  •  High (pepsin) digestibility (>85%)
  •  Fresh intense flavour
  •  Very stable composition
  •  Free from contaminants (dioxins, heavy metals)
  •  Light brown fine powder


EM’PET is a keratin rich product and has excellent nutritional and organoleptic properties as a cost effective and healthy protein source in petfood. Thanks to the favourable digestible amino acid pattern and extremely low ash content it will serve as a more versatile substitute for other protein sources. It is selected for its specific smell and taste, very much appreciated by dogs and other pets.


EM’PET is a premium hydrolysed protein meal produced from selected and purified chicken feathers at a ‘unique poultry’ dedicated facility in Dendermonde, Belgium, using a patented production process. The purification and selection of the raw material assure product uniformity whereas the specific processing parameters give EM’PET its outstanding digestibility and organoleptic characteristics. The unique low temperature drying guarantees the overall product quality.

Storage & shelf life

The product is best kept in a cool and dry place and has a shelf life of minimal 1 year from date of manufacture. The product is free of pathogens. Type and quantity of anti-oxidant can be adjusted on request.

Packaging & registration

EM’PET appearance is a light brown, very fine powder. It is delivered in bulk, big bags up to 1500kg or 25kg bags. 

Produced in Belgium by Empro Europe NV, according to the European legislation, approval number 114513/1-709, registration number