Spray Dried Keratin Hydrolysate for Petfood

  • Protein: > 90%
  • Protein digestibility : > 97%
  • Fat : < 2%
  • Ash: < 3%
  • Moisture : < 5%
Molecular weight distribution
  • ±25% < 1kDa: 25%
  • 1kDa < ±25% < 5kDa: 25%
  • 5kDa < ±20% < 10kDa: 20%
  • ±30% > 10kDa: 30%

Product characteristics

  • High solubility (200g/L)
  • High digestibility (>97%)
  • Savoury attractant and palatability enhancer
  • Intense smell (glutamate)
  • Very stable composition
  • Light yellow very fine powder
  • Excellent pellet binder


KERA’SOL has excellent nutritional and attractant properties allowing it to replace a part of other tasty protein sources in petfood. The wide range of smaller peptides increase the palatability and the binding properties of the pellet of the feed, so to improve the feed intake.
Its specific smell and taste is very much appreciated by dogs and other pets.


KERA’SOL is a premium hydrolysed keratin concentrate produced from purified chicken feathers at a ‘unique poultry’ dedicated facility in Dendermonde, Belgium, using a patented production process.
The highly soluble fraction obtained after the hydrolysation process is concentrated and spray dried, guaranteeing the overall quality and organoleptic characteristics.

Storage & shelf life

The product is best kept in a cool and dry place and has a shelf life of minimal 1 year from date of manufacture.

Packaging & registration

KERA’SOL appearance is a light yellow, very fine powder. It is delivered in big bags of 500kg.

Added Antioxidant

On request

Microbiological Analysis

  • Salmonella absent in 25g
  • Enterobacteriaceae < 10 cfu/g

Produced in Belgium by Empro Europe NV, according to the European legislation, approval number 114513/1-709, registration number