Other industries in which the EMPRO proteins can be applied are

LIVESTOCK – EM’PUR is an animal protein source with excellent nutritional properties that is designed as a cost effective, easy to use and sustainable protein source in livestock feeds. Thanks to the favourable amino acid pattern and extremely low ash content it will serve as a more versatile substitute for other protein sources. To be thoroughly mixed with other feed ingredients.

FUR – the EMPRO protein meals are also very suitable to serve as a premium protein source in the production of feeds for fur producing animals. Please contact us for more information

FERTLIZER – As a purified and biological N-source the EMPRO concentrates can also be applied as a highly efficient and fast working fertilizer. Please contact us for more information

Technical sheets

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EM’PUR Protein Concentrate.Download

Research goes on. Looking for something specific? Low fat? Long fibers? Tailor made molecular weight? Just drop us a line, we can have it on the shelf or in the pipeline.

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