To support the sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry, there is a huge need for alternative protein sources due to the unpredictable and limited supply of fishmeal, today a key protein source in aquadiets.

EM’PAQ is a premium hydrolysed protein meal produced from selected and purified chicken feathers and an excellent example of such an alternative source, being rich in protein (>85%) and with an amino acid profile very similar to fishmeal. The patented production process, including purification steps, high pressure hydrolysis and gentle drying results in a highly digestible product suitable to (partially) replace the more costly fishmeal in aquaculture diets. The continuously monitored production process ensures a stable product of constant quality each delivery.

PEP’SOL is a premium hydrolysed protein concentrate produced from purified chicken feathers at a ‘uniquely poultry’ dedicated facility, using a patented production process. The highly soluble fraction obtained after the hydrolysation process is concentrated and dried, guaranteeing the overall quality and organoleptic characteristics. The high solubility and wide range of smaller peptides increase the palatability of the feed so to improve the feed intake and performance of fish and shrimp.

PRO VIVA is a protein meal with excellent nutritional and attractant properties allowing it to replace easily a part of high quality fishmeal in diets for shrimp, up to 10% final inclusion. The patented production process gives PRO VIVA its specific characteristics and favourable molecular weight distribution. The well balanced soluble protein fraction and wide range of peptides improve the feed intake and performance of shrimp.

Technical sheets

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Research goes on. Looking for something specific? Low fat? Long fibers? Tailor made molecular weight? Just drop us a line, we can have it on the shelf or in the pipeline.

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