At Empro Europe we’re fanatical about top quality proteins and nitrogen sources for the specialized aqua feed -, petfood-, fur – and agriculture industry. Thanks to our dedicated team and patented production processes we bring you pure, stable and highly efficient products.

The Empro product range consists of different lines:

  • AQUA: To support the sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry, there is a huge need for alternative protein sources due to the unpredictable and limited supply of fishmeal, today a key protein source in aquadiets. The EMPRO protein meals are excellent examples of such alternative sources being rich in protein (>85%) and with an amino acid profile very similar to fishmeal.
  • PET: EMPRO protein meals can serve as a (partial) substitute for other tasty protein sources, thanks to their high digestibility and organoleptic properties, very much appreciated by dogs and other pets.
  • OTHER:  EMPRO protein meals are also very suitable to serve as a premium protein source in the production of feeds for livestock and fur producing animals.

As a purified and biological N-source the EMPRO concentrates can also be applied as a highly efficient and fast working fertilizer.

Research goes on. Looking for something specific? Low fat? Tailor made molecular weight? Just drop us a line, we can have it on the shelf or in the pipeline.

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