Our products are based on years of research and testing. As feathers come in many shapes, it all starts with securing the right raw materials. These are purified and stabilized, the peptide bonds are cracked to achieve the right digestibility, after which they are slowly and gently dried. Milling and packing is done according to the clients’ needs. We use over fifteen different steps to emanate the desired characteristics from the raw materials, many of these designed in-house and patented. In all our processes we strive to save energy and water. We don’t just want to make the best product, we also try to make it in the best way!



We start with cleaning of the raw materials to render them as uniform as possible, so as to obtain optimal starting conditions for further processing. Cleaning is done in several stages in order to get a raw material as pure and stable as desired.



By constantly monitoring and adjusting parameters such as moisture level, pressure, temperature, dwell time and particle size we transform the indigestible proteins (keratin) continuously into maximally digestible ones (smaller peptides). Processing time is short to keep quality high, but conditions are intense to make sure that even the strongest bonds are cracked. All undesired bacteria are destroyed in this stage.  



These digestible proteins can be further processed into a soluble form or are simply dried. In order to maintain maximal digestibility, drying is done evenly at low temperatures, ensuring a fresh product with optimum palatability.

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